Full Body Cryotherapy


During a full body cryotherapy session your body only will be immersed in the cryo chamber with your shoulders, neck and head outside of the unit. A fully trained cryo technician will be with you the entire 3 minutes. You will be provided with two pairs of socks, gloves and a robe. Once inside the chamber you will hand the robe back out to the technician.

Cryotherapy is DRY cold air that is circulated around you to cause your body to rapidly cool down over the three minute session. 

This dry cold air is not as severe as you are imagining it to be right now. Yes it's cold but it's surprisingly tolerable!  The first minute is actually refreshing. The second minute is in invigorating. You will hardly notice a difference from the second minute into the third minute but the last 30 seconds are intense. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING FOR 3 MINUTES!!! 


3 minute full body cryotherapy $38/ session (Packages Available)

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Local Cryotherapy


Pain can rob you of being your best. Chronic pain not only affects you but those you are closest to. Traditional treatments for pain are often ineffective or come with heavy side effects. Don't let pain rob you of your identity, your joy and your sense of wellbeing. Take action!

Local cryotherapy for pain management is performed on an area or body part that has pain and/or inflammation for a period of 6-10 minutes. 

6-10 minutes $45/session (Packages Available)


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Cryotherapy Facial Rejuvenation



Want to improve on what nature gave you without injections and drastic surgeries? Try one of our signature cryotherapy facials for a more refreshed and toned look.

Prices vary ( packages available)

10 minutes $45/session (Packages Available)

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Look  good and feel better! We all have that one area we wish could be slimmer , more toned but no amount of exercise and dieting seems to touch it. We lament that double chin, or the cellulite that mocks all our efforts to rid ourselves of it once and for all.  Personal trainers have said " you can not spot reduce." , well, now you actually can with CRYOSKIN! Lose up to 1 inch in 28 minutes.


28 minutes $350/session (Packages Available)

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