Salts Massage

Body Treatments

At the Port Jeff Salt Cave we treat the body as a sacred vessel and offer a variety of body treatments for self care indulgence.

As human beings we take time to routinely service our vehicles to ensure they are running properly to get us from point A to point B without breaking down and leaving us stranded. 

Your body is the single most precious vehicle you will ever own and requires good care and regular stress relieving services to ensure you a smooth and pain free ride through your lifetime.

Your future self is being built right now, with the choices you make today. As you read this, what does it look like? What does it FEEL like to be in your body? 

You deserve a pain free, stress free body. It's your birth right! Be good to yourself often!

Aroma Touch Therapy



Aroma Touch Therapy is a system of light touch on the body with the use of therapeutic grade essential oils. The oils are systematically placed on the back, the hands and the soles of the feet for maximum effectiveness.

Eight different essential oils are used to promote homeostasis, and maximum relation. This treatment can boost the immune system while reducing inflammation.


45 minutes/ $65/session 

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Craniosacral Treatment

Cranio Sacral therapy is a gentle light touch bodywork method that focuses on stimulating your body’s natural healing process.

Cranio Sacral therapy releases tension in the central nervous system so that every other system in the body can relax, self correct and free itself from pain and discomfort.


Craniosacral therapy is beneficial for :


Head, Neck and Back pain

TMJ syndrome 

Orthopedic issues

Chronic fatigue syndrome

PTSD and many other conditions


45 minutes $75

60 minutes $100

90 minutes $140

(Packages Available)


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Ayurvedic Facial Massage with Tibetan singing bowls

We carry so much of our tension in our faces. Especially around the eyes. We get the classic "11's" between our eye brows as a result of this tension carried over time. In fact , if you are reading this ; check in with your jaw right now? Is it clenched tightly or relaxed? Is your tongue pressed up against the roof of your mouth or is it relaxed peacefully at the bottom of your mouth? Have people around you ever asked " what's wrong?" Simply from the strained look on your face?  

An Ayurvedic facial massage with Tibetan singing bowls may be just what the doctor ordered for twenty minutes of pure therapeutic facial rejuvenation coupled with sound therapy for stress management.

20 minutes $30/treatment (Packages Available)

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Infrared Sauna



So what's the difference between a regular sauna and an infrared sauna?


A traditional sauna uses heatining surfaces to INDIRECTLY heat your body.  Your body is warmed from the outside in. This heat can only penetrate so far as it's often difficult to stay in the sauna for a truly therapeutic amount of time due to the ambient temperatures in the heated air around you.


An infrared sauna uses a wave length that penetrates through you, effectively heating you from the inside out. This is a more effective means of sweating out your toxins in a lower ambient temperature around you.


Basically, infrared saunas make you sweat at a much lower temperature then traditional dry saunas. This critical difference is what unlocks the distinct health benefits of infrared saunas.


20 minutes $20 / 30 minutes $30 (Packages Available)

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