Salt Cave


 45 minutes duration $40/session.

(Packages Available)

Our salt cave was constructed with a little more then 3 Tons of all natural pink Himalayan salt crystals hand selected and lovingly placed on the walls one stone at a time. Our floor is made of pink Himalayan granular salt that is heated to deliver wonderful negative ions into the cave. Negative ions act as magnets for anything positively charged in the air such as; bacterial, viruses, mold, mildew, dust, dust mites, pollens and EMF's (electromagnetic frequencies). These elements create an imbalance in the air we breath and has an accumulative  negative impact on our health and wellbeing.


During the standard adult 45 minute session each guest will be seated in their own zero gravity lounge chair with a blanket for comfort. Salt air is distributed into the cave by way of a halo generator which micro particulates the salt before dispursement into the air. A guided meditation recording is played to center and quiet the busy mind as part of the stress management aspects of our salt cave. You will feel the negative ions relaxing every muscle group in your body as it melts into the lounge chair. During the 45 minute session you will have breathed in approximately a weeks worth of salt air as though you had you been sitting sea side.


Our salt cave is equipped with an engineer designed powerful NEGATIVE PRESSURE HVAC SYSTEM and professionally installed and monitored for your safety. The negative pressure system pulls in fresh air from outside and exhausts it out of the room at an even faster pace, thus creating the " negative pressure" inside the salt cave. This further ensures that the risk of cross contamination while using th salt cave with others is greatly reduced in addition to the anti bacterial/ anti viral effects of the salt air itself.



If you have been suffering with a chronic condition we recommend a package deal for the best effects as nothing in health care is ever one and done. The best way to utilize a package deal is to front load sessions very close together and then save one or two for maintenance visits. We also have a monthly membership available.


If you have some acute condition you may want to purchase a three pack of salt cave sessions and come three consecutive days in a row.


If you are seeking general wellness and the  preventative detox benefits of the salt cave packages can be obtained and used once a week or biweekly according to your needs.


 " No matter how much it gets abused, the body can restore balance. The first rule is to stop interfering with nature." 

 ~ Dr. Deepak Chopra



~ Marcy Guzman RN


"Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I'm possible."

-Audrey Hepburn