1. Salt Cave Attire: proper attire for the salt cave is regular clothing that is appropriate for the season/ weather conditions outside. BRING A PAIR OF SOCKS. No shoes are allowed in the salt cave, they will be tucked away under one of the benches in the front lobby. A light sweater may be appropriate during our warmer months if you are prone to coldness as the salt cave is kept at 70 degrees.
2. Shhh....This is a quiet session: 
ALL electronic devices are to be turned off and may be collected at the front desk before entering the salt cave. You may also choose to leave them in your car. Purses will go in with you or you may choose to lock them in  the trunk of your car before arriving.
3. Food & Drinks: 

No food or liquids of any type may enter the cave as this can damage our granular salt floor. No chewing gum or mints may be in your mouth upon entering as these present a chocking hazard if you were to fall asleep or enter into a deep state of meditation.

4. Essential Oils: Essential oils if used must be applied before entering the cave  and left outside  with your belongings. Please use modestly as other guests may be sensitive to the aromas.
5. Arrive 10 Min. Early: Please arrive a few minutes ahead of your scheduled session to get checked in and situated before your session. All sessions start promptly at the top of each hour. Once the door is closed and the meditation has begun we will not open the door for late admittance so as to not disturb the other guests already inside the cave. You will be able to join a later session in the day if there is seating available. If not able to join another session we will be happy to reschedule your visit.
6. Snoring.....IT Happens: The salt cave is such a conducive environment for deep rem sleep. If you have been missing this at night you are likely to find it in our salt cave. If your neighbor falls asleep and begins to snore please be neighborly and gently rub their shoulder so all may enjoy the salt cave session. We here at The Healing Center @ Port Jeff Salt Cave strongly discourage name calling, chair tipping and throwing salt. Joking.....not joking.
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