Salt bed skin treatment Detox

20 minutes $25/session BATHING SUIT REQUIRED

(Packages Available)

Just twenty minutes inside the salt bed detox can greatly improve your body's largest organ, being your skin. Microparticulated salt air is safe for inhalation therapy and will also ensure your skin is coated In a super fine layer of detoxifying salt with out a powdery residue appearance. This salt can be left on the skin for hours to overnight. 

The salt detoxes the skin by eliminating common pathogens found on our skin while helping to restore the proper Ph balance. The salt encourages activation of ion channels that regulate the electrophysiology activity that governs pores opening and closing as well as cell permiability in the skin structure itself. 

Salt on the skin sets up a gradient for osmotic pulling of fluids to itself. With this fluid shift in your skin comes toxins from specialized pores. This is the natural way skin helps excrete toxins from the body. This fluid shift also firms and plumps the skin nicely leaving your skin more hydrated and better able to protect you.

Many people have noticed a marked improvement in common skin conditions upon completion of a package of salt bed detox sessions.



Added benefits of our salt bed include salt air inhalation therapy as well as  CHROMA therapy. In twenty minutes you will have inhaled as much salt air as you would have given you were at the ocean sitting sea side for a week. All of the internal benefits mention in the salt cave sessions will be experienced in the salt bed.

Chroma therapy is color wave length therapy. Studies show improved cellular function under the red light wave length as the cells are able to rid themselves more efficiently of toxic waste products lending itself to cellular repair and regeneration. Chroma therapy has been shown to boost the immune system as well as treat depression and anxiety.

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