John of God Crystal Light Healing Bed

30 minutes $30/session 


John was a crystal gem miner when he was young and was called to healing service by St Rita. Being only one man who could only do so much he was guided to construct the crystal healing lights. The crystal healing lights are blessed and anointed by John of God himself and go out all over the world to those who are approved to house and operate them.

The crystals are harvested right from John’s property which he calls the ” healing Casa”.  The seven Vogel cut crystals are paired with the seven colors of the rainbow, which concurrently correlates to the human body’s seven main energy centers known as chakras.

While under the lights the crystal lights deliver chroma therapy, which is color wave length therapy. Chroma therapy is used for a variety of healthful benefits such as boosting the immune system and decreasing stress. Concurrently you are being ministered to via proxy by John of God and all the healing saints that he channels such as St Rita, St Francis and St Ignacio to name a few.

No two sessions are ever the same and healing can take place on many different levels.

The crystal lights may also be used for someone who can not physically go under them. A loved one can go under via proxy for the non present party.