Full Body Cryotherapy

3 minute full body cryotherapy $38/ session (Packages Available)


The temperature drops down steadily to approximately -256 degrees by the end of the three minutes. This is the air temperature around you , not your core temperature. The air is super cooled down by the use of liquid nitrogen. It is a dry cold air so it is much more tolerable then outside wet air, or an ice bath.

 During the rapid cool down blood will be shunted to the vital organs in the core and two great things happen with this flow of blood volume , 1) your vital organs receives a nice blast of life sustaining nutrients carried in the blood and 2) the volume of blood going through the body’s filtration organs ( liver and kidneys) provide an amazing all natural detox for the body. The net result of this is a noticeable surge in your energy levels.

Lots of beneficial processes are happening in the last minute of your cryotherapy treatment, starting with the shedding off of damaged weak cells as well as a fine layer of fat cells. These cells cannot withstand the cold temperatures and simply freeze off and the body re absorbs  and eliminates the materials further adding to the detoxification you receive.

 Pain signals in the body are propagated by a chemical transmitter called prostaglandin. These also can not withstand the temperature drop and freeze off as well greatly reducing or eliminating the nervous systems ability to transmit pain signals to the brain.

Concurrently as all vasculature begins to constrict from the drop in temperature inflammation is reduced as the inflammasome markers responsible for the inflammation cascade within the body are confined to the blood vessels. Inflammation is a self perpetuating process so once the chemical markers are inactivated inflammation naturally subsides.

During your last thirty seconds in the cryotherapy session your body is tricked into perceiving that you are going into a hypothermic state so the body releases its feel good chemicals known as endorphins leaving you calm and serene – yet energized.

Once out of the cryotherapy chamber your body will naturally boost your metabolic rate to rewarm you as quickly as possible. During this process you could potentially burn from 600-800 k/calories. Just an added bonus!!

Our cryotherapy is operated by two REGISTERED NURSES both trained in cryotherapy.

Contraindications for FULL BODY cryotherapy are as follows;

  • uncontrolled hypertension                       

  • recent heart attack     

  • pace maker     

  • asthma   

  •  diabetes     

  • peripheral vascular disease

  • Raynaurds disease     

  • pregnancy