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Salt Therapy

Salt inhalation therapy also known as halotherapy ( halo meaning salt) has been used for hundreds of years throughout Europe in the form of speleotherapy ( speleo meaning cave). In 1839 Dr Felixs Bocszkowski opened the first therapeutic salt facility in the deep salt mines of Wieliczka Poland. The facility is still in use today. 


Romania also enjoys a natural salt mine that is being used for therapeutic benefits. Doctors regularly prescribe a therapeutic allotment of time for their patients to stay inside the salt cave and insurances actually pay for it. This is quite different then our Western approach to medicine where large pharmaceutical companies play a pivotal role in our health care system.


Halotherapy has bactericide, mucokinetic, hydrophilic and anti inflammatory properties which results in reduced inflammation in the entire respiratory tract. Halotherapy benefits the respiratory system, tones the autonomic nervous system as well as the cardiovascular system.  It is great for the skin which is one of the body's largest detox organs. It boosts the immune system and supports mental functioning. Because of its anti inflammatory properties the salt air helps relieve achy joints and inflamed bowels. It naturally reduces anxiety with its negative ions and improves rem sleep. Please read the clinical studies for more information.


 Salt air is naturally antibacterial, antiviral, anti fungal, and anti microbial. This is why salt has been used for millennia as a natural preservative for food and other dry goods. Salt was used in the mummification process resulting in the preservation of tissues that has lasted literally thousands of years.


Salt air is all natural and it's only side effects are improved states of health and well being. Here at the Healing Center @ Port Jeff Salt Cave we believe that a balance can be reached when we integrate more all natural therapies into our western life styles. Salt air therapy does not replace any medical regime prescribed by your physician but compliments and supports a healthy life style.

Salt Cave



Speleotherapy (speleos = cave)

The salty atmosphere of the deep salt caves throughout Europe has been used for centuries for their health promoting effects. 45 minute sessions in the cave are offered every hour.

45 minutes $40/session (packages available)

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Salt Bed Skin Treatment Detox

Did you know that your skin is your body's largest organ and its first line of defense against invading organisms? Our skin can tell a lot about our internal states of health whether it is toned and glowing or is inflamed and patchy. The salt bed detox was engineered with all of this in mind. Just 20 minutes in the salt bed will detox the body from the inside out as well as from the outside in. 

20 minutes $25/session BATHING SUIT REQUIRED

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Salt Dome Foot Detox

Some of the largest pores on the body are found in the feet. This makes them an excellent conduit for detoxing. Placing your feet on our heated salt detox dome for 20 minutes will allow for maximum body detoxification via the soles of the feet. Enjoy a relaxing chair massage at the same time.

The salt has pulling power and will naturally draw toxins from the skin, finishing up with therapeutic essential oils makes this simple treatment an excellent adjunct to maintaining your well being. 

20 minutes $25/ session

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Mommy & Me

Salt therapy is safe and beneficial for little ones too! Children with chronic respiratory symptoms can find improvement and relief while enjoying play time inside the salt cave. 

Is your child healthy? Keep them that way with regular cave sessions. Stay ahead of viruses and cold and flu season with the anti viral anti bacterial properties of salt air and a boosted immune system.

30 minutes $25/child with one free adult

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Doggie Salt Therapy

Did you know dogs can suffer from

Some of the same ailments as two leggeds do such as arthritis, respiratory and skin issues to name a few. Salt air can greatly benefit your dog! If you don't have time to take your fur baby to the beach for a week no worries, we've got you covered! Just 20 minutes of doggie salt air therapy will be like having spent an entire week seaside in terms of the salt air inhaled during the session for both you and furry best friend.


20 minutes $20 ( deluxe package available)

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Salty Yoga

Enjoy the detoxifying benefits of the salt air while engaging in the ancient soulful practice of yoga led by one of our certified yoga instructors. These classes are appropriate for all levels of yogis , even beginners. 


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Clinical Studies

Salt has been used for its healing and therapeutic qualities for thousands of years from a variety of geographic regions and cultures. In modern times, dry salt therapy, also called Halotherapy, has been observed and researched with recorded studies that go as far back as the early 1800’s from physicians and scientists throughout Europe and the Far East. In the past few decades, more recent and current clinical studies have been published showing the efficacy of dry salt therapy and its application to various conditions.

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