EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

30 minutes $60/session


EFT  was born from the study of neurolinguistic programming coupled with immunology. This is the study of neuroplasticity and the body's hormonal and chemical changes/ reactions to it. 


EFT is the science of physically taping on known meridian points while repeating a few simple set up statements determined by yours and your EFT practitioner for a deeper understanding of what is triggering your particular set of symptoms regardless of what areana they show up in. 


Whether physical, mental or emotional EFT can provide answers and quick relieve/ recovery from

the most troubling issues we grapple with in life.


EFT works quickly and directly cutting through what could have been months to years uncovering core issues and limiting beliefs to provide freedom from the things that hold you back in life or keep you repeating old patterns. 


Within just a few sessions you will have a litteral map of your symptoms to their root in core beliefs and the tools you need to effectively deal with them. 

EFT aims to make you independent quickly of your practitioner and armed with self assurance that you have the tools and the skill set to work through any limitations or new circumstances that life brings your way.