Doggie Salt Therapy
20min $20/session (Package Available)

Dogs are always welcome into our SALT DETOX ROOM which is a separate room from our salt cave room ( sorry pooches two leggeds only in the salt cave).

During a session we salt up the air in the room via a halo generator. Your pup is welcome to sit on your lap or lay comfortably on the floor. 

The salt air is anti viral, anti fungal, anti microbial, anti bacterial as well as anti inflammatory. The salt air will go a long way to bring down inflammation and clear breathing passages for both of you.




You may choose to add on a 10 minute energy balancing Reiki treatment for your pooch while enjoying the salt air treatment.

10 minutes $10 


You can also choose to add on a salt foot detox for yourself while enjoying the salt air. The largest pores on your body are on your feet and as such is an excellent place to detox from. Our large heated salt dome helps to encourage a fluid shift from the feet bringing toxins along with it. We seal the soles of your feet up with therapeutic grade essential oils upon completion of your foot detox for a boost to your immune system and spirit.

20 minutes $15