Crystal energy balancing

30 minutes $45/treatment 

Ever spend time in a toxic environment out of sheer obligation, and sensing it lowering your energy by the time you are finished? Perhaps you were exposed to an energy vampire type persona for a length of time and are feeling drained? Or maybe nothing specific happened that you can recall and you are just feeling " off"? These are good reasons to seek out a crystal energy field balancing treatment by Marcy Guzman RN, Reiki Master, owner and operator of The Healing Center @ Port Jeff Salt Cave.


You will lay down under the John of God crystal light bed and have 11 or more varying  large crystals placed on and around you. A sage smudge is included to cleanse the auric field of negativity. Laying on the bed ensures a 360 degree sweeping cleanse. Tuning forks are utilized to smooth out your physical body's frequencies. The four directional Arch Angels are called in for guidance and then the energy bodies are balanced with the aid of the crystals. If directed to do so by spirit , a session may end with a few minutes under the activated John of God bed.


Marcy will calibrate your energy field before and after the treatment with copper dowsing rods so you can visibly measure your results.

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