CBD is so potently effective in the human body primarily due to the fact that the human body does indeed house its own endogenous cannabinoid system. Our body naturally produces cannabinoids to help regulate everything from metabolism to hormones.


This regulatory structure in the body has millions of cannabinoid receptors in the brain and nervous system. Because of this already existing system within the body , the body readily makes use of plant derived cannabinoids such as CBD. 


CBD oils  helps with PAIN and INFLAMMATION  by disrupting the activity of pain receptors while causing a release of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, our "feel good " compounds that act as natural pain killers as well as MOOD STABILIZERS in the body, also greatly reducing ANXIETY & DEPRESSION and also improving SLEEP.


CBD oil effectively reduces and eliminates NAUSEA & VOMITING by activating certain autorecptors in the body which have a great antiemetic effect.


Given CBD's high levels of antioxidants it has been shown in case studies to  guard against NEURODEGENERATIVE  conditions, including EPILEPSY and helps improve COGNITIVE FUNCTIONING. 


CBD oil has been shown to slow down as well as prevent the growth of invasive TUMORS. In some studies actually reversing them altogether when CBD was directly injected into the tumor. The high antioxidant content also provide the cells with ANTI-MUTINOGENIC properties lowering the risk of TUMORS.


CBD oil has also shown a wide variety of applications such as for substance abuse and may even be useful in the treatment of some psychiatric illnesses as well. 


Our CBD OIL is non psychoactive (won't produce a "high") and you can safely take it and pass a drug screen test. It is lab tested for purity and potency. 


We have many different forms of CBD oil including; vape pens, chewable gummies ( highest in cannabidiol concentration), liquid drops, face serum ( for radiant skin) and  skin suave ( for joint/ muscle pain). We even carry liquid drops for your fur babies; both cats and dogs!





" Usually 20-30 minutes after taking a dose of CBD oil I feel a deep sense of calmness coming over me and all of my muscle groups seem to relax and release tension. It is the nicest feeling!"
~ Marcy Guzman RN, RM Owner Operator of The Healing Center @ Port Jeff Salt Cave