Marcy Guzman RN, CRNI, Reiki Master


Rich Guzman RN, CNOR

Marcy and Rich have over 35 years of combined nursing practice. Marcy has specialized in infusion nursing while Rich has specialized in the Operating Room and Robotic Surgery. Marcy has developed a unique style in caring for her clients as she combines western medicine with eastern holistic modalities along with her sincere love for people. Marcy brought her Reiki practice to Weill Cornell Presbyterian Hospital in New York City where she administered Reiki to the out-patient oncology patients while awaiting and while receiving chemotherapy treatments. The program ran for two years and has since been passed onto two of her former practitioners, both Reiki Masters themselves. We welcome you to our Healing Center with open arms!


We believe that it is your birthright to be happy, healthy and holly.

We believe in the absolute possibility of obtaining a perfect mind, body & soul equilibrium.

We believe in the human spirit potential to live your best life ever. To express the best and truest version of yourself at all times, coming from a focal point of love.

It is our purest pleasure to hold this sacred space for you here at The Healing Center at Port Jeff Salt Cave. 

We are here to support you on your personal healing journey from the mental to the physical to the spiritual bodies of your being. 

We believe we are all here together on this planet to walk each other home.  So we extend our hands to yours, come and walk with us. 


Let's grow together.

Blessings & Hugs 

Marcy & Rich Guzman